This site also offers some history, facts and characteristics of this classic French wine region. So whether you need general information, or are doing some research as you plan your wine cellar, our charts and facts will clarify the subject for you.

Origins of Wine Making in Lyons

Lyons has a fine tradition of wine making that spans several centuries and dates back to Roman times. A revealing verse by the Roman consul-cum-poet, Ausonius, provides clear evidence of vineyards flourishing in the...

History of Lyon Wines

Throughout the ages, Lyons wine has played the rôle of protagonist on the world’s wine stage. The region’s reputation for fine wine is unsurpassed and its principles of wine production remain, to this day,...

Lyons Wines

The Dream Vintage The wine regions of Europe enjoyed a virtually perfect vintage in 2005. Not least in Lyons. In the usual way, Lyons is always first cab off the rank with its annual "en...

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