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Eat the Fat Off Reviews: 21-Day Weight Loss Handbook & Meal Plan Blueprint

Eat the Fat Off is an online diet and exercise program that caters to consumers who want to trigger fat loss through the next 21 days. Through a Greek-influenced menu, consumers will activate an enzyme that promotes weight loss naturally with minimal effort from the user.

What is Eat the Fat Off?

Mainstream media has always pushed the idea of using deprivation as the best diet method. With this deprivation, some diets call for consumers to stop indulging in carbohydrates, while others restrict the exact number of calories that they can put into their diet daily. These recommendations often come without guidance, leaving consumers to figure out complicated math to determine whether their breakfast will add to their waistline or pull from it.

The creators behind Eat the Fat Off suggest that so many consumers struggle to lose weight because of the lies perpetuated by mainstream media. Despite all of these ways to resist indulgent and delicious foods, they state that these methods don't work in the way that consumers hope for. Instead, they might not make a lasting change to the body because the problem is an enzyme.

In the Eat the Fat Off guide, consumers will learn what fatty foods they should introduce to their diet to trigger the production of a specific enzyme. This enzyme is directly associated with the body's ability to use the food consumers eat rather than store it as fat. Consumers who follow the recommendations in this guide often report feeling thinner, more youthful, and generally better than before. Plus, the entire program only takes about 21 days to complete.

The program is based on the lifestyle habits of an unnamed island off the coast of Greece, stating that Stamatis Moraitis was the inspiration. The New York Times has already told his story over a decade ago, but the creators behind Eat the Fat Off shed light on why his journey is so important to consumers nowadays. They explain that the diet of this particular area makes it possible to create an enzyme that burns through stored fat.

Most consumers know when the changes they make aren't working for their needs. Without any weight loss or progress to show for themselves, anyone can see when the changes aren't right. No one wants to be in a constant cycle of ineffective diet plans and overly strenuous exercise. Consumers must find a way to easily feed their bodies the required fat to overcome their weight loss woes. With the education offered within Eat the Fat Off, this goal can finally be achieved without all of the disruptions.

About Lipase-P

The enzyme repeatedly referenced in the official advertisement for Eat the Fat Off is called Lipase-P. Previously known as Pancreatic Lipase, this enzyme isn't a supplement or a medication. Instead, it is an enzyme that the body naturally produces that is activated through the consumption of certain high-fat foods. It is the most potent version of pancreatic enzymes, going after fat as its primary energy source.

Unfortunately, as the creators explain, Americans are generally low in Lipase-P production, which is part of the reason that obesity has become an epidemic in the country. The foods that the average American eats don't come close to offering enough enzyme-triggering support, and the only way to overcome this is with a diet change.

The foods that consumers will eat through this program are appetizing to many palates so that consumers don't have to feel as though they have to sacrifice even more to shed weight.

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The Phases of Eat the Fat Off

Eat the Fat Off is broken down into a sequence of phases that consumers must carefully follow to ensure they get the desired results. The first phase of this routine focuses on increasing Lipase-P exponentially. Participants will have to eat a diet that is fairly similar to the ketogenic diet. Still, the creators focus primarily on introducing foods that target gut health to build up the enzyme. This phase is only meant to last for 12 days.

On the 13th day, consumers switch to Phase 2, which involves eating a lot more food than they may be used to. Even though some of the foods in this phase almost seem indulgent, they aren't bad for the body. Instead, they work with these increased enzyme levels to promote more weight loss. The second phase gives users a bit of freedom, creating the regulation they need in their digestion, appetite, and more.

Buying a Copy of Eat the Fat Off

The only place that currently sells Eat the Fat Off is the official website, which presently lists it for $19. While this price might seem a little low, the program's creator wanted to ensure that anyone could access this content if they needed to. Consumers can also get an audiobook of the program for an additional $9.99 at checkout.

If the user doesn't have the experience that they'd anticipated, they can get their investment back with the money-back guarantee.

Frequently Asked Questions About Eat the Fat Off

Q – What is included when consumers purchase Eat the Fat Off?

A – The content starts with the Eat the Fat Off Weight Loss Handbook, which offers the entire blueprint for the program. They also get the Grocery Guide with a list of every food they need to eat to promote weight loss. The Grocery Guide pairs perfectly with the Meal-Planning Blueprint, allowing consumers to stop guessing what the best foods for their diet might be.

Consumers will have the added support of a 10-page guide called Cheat Your Way Trim. This book suggests that cheating on a diet is a necessary change, and all of the recipes inside are entirely guilt-free.

Q – What kind of changes can consumers experience with Eat the Fat Off?

A – The primary benefit of Eat the Fat Off is that it helps consumers to promote better weight loss. However, the improvements in digestion with the aforementioned enzyme can also put a stop to gut issues. Consumers will gradually slow the impact that aging has on the body, which means they can experience support for all of their organs. Some people even find that the changes to their daily routine and diet can reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and even wrinkles.

Q – How long does it take to go through the Eat the Fat Off program?

A- This whole program is meant to be a 21-day regimen to kickstart weight loss.

Q – After 21 days, can users keep following the recommendations of Eat the Fat Off?

A – Absolutely. However, it is not a requirement to experience weight loss. Consumers can also follow the recommendations in the bonus content to get more from this program.

Q – Are the foods of the Eat the Fat Off program expensive or hard to find?

A – Not at all. Consumers can typically find these foods in their local supermarket, and many of the foods are pretty delicious. Consumers who tend to overeat will even discover that they can eat as much as they want of these foods without having to worry about the calories or new weight accumulating.

Q – How much weight can consumers lose when participating in Eat the Fat Off?

A – The weight primarily depends on how drastically the user has to change their eating habits. Some people have lost as much as 50 lbs. by making these changes.

Q – Will consumers have to count calories?

A – No. The entire point of this program is to make it so that consumers don't have to endure all of the frustrations that other diets have put them through, and calorie counting is one of those stressors. This program changes the way that consumers deal with their weight loss.

Q – How long does Eat the Fat Off take to arrive?

A – Since everything is available as digital content, customers only have to wait minutes for their purchase to arrive in their email inbox.

Q – What if the user doesn't lose weight when following the Eat the Fat Off regimen?

A – While this program is effective for many people, the missing enzyme production may not be why every person deals with their stress and weight gain. If this program is not a match for the user's needs, they can reach out to the customer service team via email at within the first 60 days to discuss the return policy.


Eat the Fat Off provides a new option for consumers who have struggled to lose weight and don't know why. The foods are easy to get, and consumers will have support as they try to create meals that burn unwanted fat. All of the materials arrive within minutes of the purchase, and the money-back guarantee ensures that anyone is happy with their interaction with this brand. Visit the official website to learn more!


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