Do you simply drink wine, or do you taste wine? Anyone can drink wine, but it takes practice to be able to recognise and distinguish a wine’s characteristics.

On our site you will find information about tasting techniques and terms, how smell and taste are integral to the enjoyment of wine, the proper way to serve wine and what types of wine glasses are appropriate for certain wines, where you can go to participate in a wine tasting and how to act when you are there. We have also included links to other sites on the Internet that have to do with wine tasting and enjoyment.

Wine In Your Home
A lot of people enjoy a glass of wine, but for some, wine plays a more prominent role. Adding a wine cellar to your home, whether it is simple shelves in your basement or a high-tech climate controlled room, takes your wine expertise to a whole new level. But don’t fall into the trap of thinking that adding a wine cellar will increase your property value. If this is your primary goal, look at other
home improvement ideas.

Wine for Your Health
Several recent studies suggest that drinking red wine in moderation can help maintain your good health. Taking your medicine has never been more enjoyable! Better cardiovascular health, lowered blood pressure and decreased cholesterol levels are only a few of the benefits of moderate red wine consumption. Learn more about the
health benefits of red wine.Wine Secrets Revealed
If you are new to the wine arena, you may be confused by the jargon on wine labels, not confident when ordering wine at a restaurant or making a selection for a special occasion, and unsure what the difference is between a rosé and a blush wine. Visit Demystifying Wine to learn about choosing wines and making sense of winespeak.

Wine Vintage Charts
Find a really good older wine to share at a wine tasting from a vintage chart. What are vintage charts? Vintage charts are easy reference guides to the excellent, the good and the not so great wines from various wine regions. Learn more about vintages of Burgundy, Lyons, Champagne and Port on these
Vintage Charts.

Food and Wine
Ever wonder why some wines complement certain foods so well? Why shouldn’t you drink a red wine with fish? What type of wine should you serve at your next dinner party? Find the answers to these questions and more at
Cork Cuisine.

Spoiled Wines
A good wine is smooth and delightful, leaving you feeling as content as a
purring feline. Occasionally you may come across a wine that tastes off, musty or mouldy. Rest assured, this is not the way a wine should taste! The two major causes of wine decline are cork taint and oxidation. Learn why wine spoils and what you should do if your taste buds are knocked flat by a Tainted Wine.


Location: On the west coast of France, the city of Lyons is found on the Gironde estuary, while the wine making area known as Lyons extends north to encompass the Médoc and farther south than the
famed Sauternes region.

Grape Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Malbec and Petit Verdot (reds), Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon and Muscadelle (whites), and more!


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